Dear Friends of the College Cevenol,

Inspiring stories at the College Cevenol are some great reasons for considering a tax-deductible donation to the American Friends of the College Cevenol, a foundation with practically no overhead and run entirely by volunteer staff. Virtually every dollar will go directly into this remarkable high school's scholarship programs, computer lab and website, and a speaker series on peacemaking.

I could write about the impressive Baccalaureate scores,the 2003 international work camp or the increasing enrollment. Instead, I want to tell another story, one that mentions the commitment of the College to young people from war-torn Europe and Asia. Since 2001 asylum-seeking refugees have been living in the old "barracks." The families are from Armenia, India, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Kosovo and other countries in conflict. Many of the refugee children are now students at the College Cevenol and are supported by your dollars. These refugee children learn the 3-Rs and actually teach their teenage classmates -- about courage. With the help of tutors, many have excelled academically. In fact, a Kurdish girl (whose name means "angel") ranks number two in her entire "premiere" class. Two years ago she did not know a word of French and now she is fluent. She told me she loved the College but "I am still afraid of being deported." She added that she lacked for nothing in Le Chambon because, "when you see your father killed, you do not need material things to make you happy."

Directeur Lassey set up homework assistance sessions for the refugees in two barracks, Bonkoya and Kaina. One of the volunteers was a participant in a German Peace Corps-type program and the others were French students. I met with the tutors who reported the usual hassles with so many different languages, different ages and maturity levels. Then they spoke movingly of the positive changes in their own perceptions and their desire to enlarge the tutoring this coming school year. Who will pay for the tutoring? The AFCC's contributions.

What makes a great school? Tough academics, idealism and service are three components. All three are well represented at the College Cevenol and all three will be enhanced by the donations you make.

Yours sincerely,
Tito Craige, President

Since 18 Oct 2000